Mini Shoe Collection

I finally had the guts to post my mini shoe collection. My collection isn't that huge like your favorite blogger's collection and it isn't really as many as other people think (well maybe it WAS). I actually left more than 20 pairs of shoes in the Philippines before we move here in Italy plus 6 … Continue reading Mini Shoe Collection

Closet Tour

Every girl has her own way of sorting the clothes in her closet. Today, I am going to share with you my special space. I finally had the guts to share with you what's inside my closet. Come with me and let's explore my paradise :) And yes, I have an orange cabinet due to … Continue reading Closet Tour

Collection 101: SUNNIES

I really love collecting adorbs! Can you tell? :p I have lots of collections and one of those are sunglasses. I still have lots in the Philippines.  I just have my favorites with me and the rest were left in the Philippines since I don't have much luggage space. Sad. But anyway, what's your relationship … Continue reading Collection 101: SUNNIES