Quirky Habits

We all think we’re unique in so many different ways and we all do have kooky quirks — admit it or not.


Top: H&M | Bottom: MINT | Bag: TERRANOVA


I would have to confess that I have all the weirdness inside me. My friends knew that! Some people think I’m the kind of girl who’s a shy type, some think I’m a badass or even a war freak. But the truth is… I’m just a typical girl who has a 90% crazy side. Normal is boring! I do weird things. In fact I could write a hundred weird facts about me. Let me just share a few of my quirky habits:

1. I cannot sleep without putting a lotion on my feet.

2. “Bullshocks” and “Amazeballs” are part of my dictionary and my brother laughs at me.

3. I cannot explain my love for “Happy Tree Friends”.

4. I listen to sad songs when I’m sad (I know most of you could relate :p)

5. I speak Gay Lingo most of the time (omg)

6. I crack corny jokes randomly and my brother always boo me.

7. I mix different foods together (my brother & mom suggested this one, haha)

8. I send stupid videos of myself to my friends all the time.

9. I sit on my hands when I’m feeling cold.

10. I sniff my hair a lot.

What are your quirky habits? Feel free to share below :)

3 thoughts on “Quirky Habits

  1. you look beautiful!! <3 i sit on my hands too when i'm cold :) i guess one of my quirky habits would be that whenever i eat the table has to be set perfectly (i guess you could call that OCD) ;)

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