Run On Love

I’ve been experimenting with different styles lately so I tried to wear a sophisticated outfit. I’ve been too hippie, too bohemian and too grunge these days, it’s good to try a feminine look sometimes. Sophistication displays elegance and simplicity in one.



Top: PROTOTYPE | Bottom & Eyewear: bazaar | Shoes: H&M

DSC_0312 DSC_0325DSC_0336

I paired my skirt & shirt with heels. I never had a pair of mid-heel shoes before till I fell in love with that blue velvet heels. They’re really a refreshing alternative to high heels. I often opt for shoes with 4 to 5 inches high since I’m in need of height — heels became my height enhancer. BUT it’s ironic how low heels cause me so much pain than high heels. Maybe because I’m not used to wearing low-heeled shoes.

On the other hand, my brother told me that my hair looks boring in most of my photos — it’s either tied up or down. As a photographer, he knew what’s best for his model (model wannabe, rather). I think I need to experiment with different hairstyles too! Of course I took his advice. I tried to curl my hair using a blow dryer. I left my hair iron in the Philippines because it’s too heavy. Most of the time, I curl my hair without using heat, I just tie it into a bun and leave it for an hour or a few minutes. However, my hair doesn’t really hold curls very well. After a few hours, the curls would go away. It was my first time to try curling my hair using a blow dryer and it’s amazingly good. Well, some of my curls didn’t stay that way but still it’s good given the fact that I didn’t use any hair products. You may watch the video below for the tutorial! Enjoy :) And before I forget, my second 7-day diet blog post will be up tomorrow.

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