A Pretty Colorful Life

I cannot think of any amusement park appropriate outfit till I thought of my midriff. I want everything to look fine and dandy because this will also be my first travel post (will have a separate post for that). 


Top: MINT | Shoes: KICKS | Sunnies: H&M

UntitledUntitled14309842366_fcb7e589a4_oUntitledI also make sure that my outfit will be comfortable so I could move freely — of course I would be riding breathtaking rides — and I make sure that I won’t sweat too much with my outfit. Don’t want to feel sticky. So I came up with the idea of pulling off a complete summer inspired look since summer is fast approaching, and I cannot wait. I paired my midriff with my stripes high-waisted shorts from a friend and a pair of floral sneakers. Prints on prints on prints, eh?

Do I look haggard in the photos above? Lol. I never had a chance to take my OOTD before we roam around Gardaland so excuse my unpresentable look and awkward poses. But isn’t my background cute? I love colors! It makes me feel happy, alive and enthusiastic. It’s amazing how colors could change a person’s mood or emotion. Anyway, people are staring while we took photos, lol, I don’t really care at all. I enjoyed it :p

6 thoughts on “A Pretty Colorful Life

  1. You look great and I really love that top! We went to Gardaland last year for my sons birthday and it was exhausting, it was drop dead hot and the park was so big we just couldn’t take it anymore Lol I’m sure you had loads of fun :)

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