Food: 7-Day Corn Flakes Diet


I swear, it’s very very hard to think of different diet-friendly cornflakes recipe every single day. I have a lot of recipes on my mind but they aren’t allowed, they’re all for desserts. Oh how I missed chocolates! I want to have different recipes per meal but I just can’t think of anything. I ended up with eating one recipe per day. Good thing I didn’t feel any jadedness for eating exactly the same recipe for the whole day. I survived another hell week of decreasing my food consumption. I have a confession to make. I cheated. Thrice. And it feels bad. I ate ice cream twice and ate a lot of custard cake when my mom made one. I feel sorry for myself. I know it’s okay to have a cheat day sometimes. Of course, I shouldn’t be torturing myself but maybe those cheat days were the reasons why I didn’t lose that much this week. My weight before: 108.03lbs; my weight after: 107lbs. At least I lost 0.5kg.
For this week, I will go for an oatmeal diet. And also, I tried zumba today with my mom. I hope my laziness won’t pull me back to my bed tomorrow :p


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