Gardaland 2014

DSC_0446DSC_0463DSC_0466DSC_0443A big smile from a happy kid! :D

One of the perks of having a brother who loves photography is that you could have nice photos for your blog post, haha. Lucky me! Credits to my brother, he took all the photos.

Hooray to my first Travel post *showers confetti*!!! When we’re still planning about Gardaland, I was like an 8-year old kid, very excited to go to a theme park and ride a carousel. It’s been so long since the last time I enjoyed an amusement park. Guess nobody’s too old for an amusement park fun! My mom woke us up very early so we could prepare ourselves and everything. It’s a group tour so we have a call time. I was really sleepy because as far as I could remember, I slept late, as always. But I have no choice but to get up or else I will be left alone. Haha! We arrived in Gardaland at 10 in the morning (past 10, I guess). It’s very hot than what I’ve expected. And since it was Sunday, people are scattered everywhere and the lines were crazy loooooooong! We even paid for an express line so we’re the priority. My brother and I planned to ride all the extreme rides but we had only ridden 5 of them: Blue Tornado, Raptor, Magic Mountain, I Corsari & Flying IslandMost of them were roller coasters. Ahhhhh amazing!! The whole trip was exhausting but super fun. My whole body aches but it’s worth the pain and I’m dead tired. Haha. By 6:30 in the evening, we went home. I was sleepy but I made a travel video. Better watch the embedded video below that summarizes the whole trip :) I hope we could go back again. And oh, Verona is famous also for the legend of Romeo and Juliet. Will write it on my bucket list again! I want to write a letter on Juliet’s wall. Anyway, I should end it here! Don’t forget to watch the video :)


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