The Plié Wand by Julep


It’s officially summer. I bet most of you are excited to go for a vacation. Summer is one of the most wonderful time of the year and since you will be spending more time with yourself, why not try to pamper your nails? Paint it with different colors, do nail arts and do whatever you want.

Perfect timing because Julep just launched their latest innovation yet, The Plié Wand, which could make it easier for you to apply your nail polish. It was designed like a pen for convenience. Isn’t it nice that putting on nail polish is like you’re just writing/drawing? The Plié Wand comes with three brushes — a stripping brush, a precision brush and a dotting tool. The handle is flexible, you could bend the wand at an angle for more accurate and flawless finish since most of us find it hard to apply nail polish to our non-dominant hand. Also, it has a magnetic overcap so any Julep nail polishes fit on it. Check out their nail polishes here.

I’ve always wanted a nail polish brush set but why would I ask for more when I can get all the brushes in one product? Amazing! I find it very convenient because you could carry it wherever you want especially when you’re travelling. Some people are busy and have no time to visit the salon, The Plié Wand is perfect for you. I think every woman should have this.

Great invention and great concept, I must say. The Plié Wand totally rocked the nail polish world! Julep nailed it! So what are you waiting for? Grab yours now! I’m calling all the nail polish lovers out there. You may watch the video below to further understand the concept. It’ll show the instruction on how to use The Plié Wand. You might also wanna check their Top 10 Plié Wand Pro Tips

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