Shades Of Cool

It was a sunny afternoon. Sizzling hot afternoon. I was cleaning my closet when photo shoot came into my mind. I thought of my Forever21 bodycon dress I bought last year.



Dress: FOREVER21 | Shoes: KICKS


I haven’t been active in blogging lately — in fact I only do it once a week, or twice — since I’m stuck at home. I know it’s summer but what will I do? I’m left with nothing but my gadgets, my musical instruments, my sketchbook, pens and etc. I want to go out but I have nowhere to go. And if you’re going to ask me about what do I do everyday, I say “Nothing. I just literally sit all day”, which is a FACT. How boring my life is? Lol. But.. Here’s a list of the top 5 things I do when I’m literally sitting all day (yeah, I have to emphasize the word, lol):

1. SKETCH. I’m a frustrated designer. Everybody knows that (if not, now you know :p). It’s either I’m holding my pen or my stylus; I use my sketchbook or my iPad when sketching.

2. PLAYING GUITAR OR UKE. My first love is singing and forever will be. If we will be neighbors, hearing my voice will be a part of your daily life.  I’m still trying to learn the other ukulele chords since I just got that instrument two months ago. I want to learn more instruments, if there will be a chance. I also play piano, I used to have lessons when I was a kid.

3. INSTAGRAM. I don’t know but I think I could survive a day (now that’s so OA) stalking instagram accounts of the people I don’t follow. Is that weird? I don’t really stalk my friends’ accounts. I’m always on the Explore tab, refreshing and refreshing and refreshing.

4. READ. I downloaded a lot of books on my iBooks and I can’t wait to finish them all. Hmm.. How I miss book sale!!! I often buy my books at the book sale so I could have more at a low cost. I miss the Philippines :(

5. WATCH MOVIES. Old, new, different genres, whatever. Anything I feel like watching.

That’s it! But I’m not doing the same routine for the whole summer. No, no, no! Lol. What’s up with your summer? Share your thoughts below! Have a good summer! :)

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