Food: Homemade Sushi

I’ve been craving for sushi since last month, I guess?

DSC_0335Salmon Nigiri-zushi

DSC_0341Peach Sushi Roll

DSC_0349Scrambled Egg, Crab Meat & Cucumber Sushi Roll (others were topped with mayo)


The last time I ate sushi was last March when I had a vacation in the Philippines. I know, right? It’s been a long time. And again, if you’re following me on Instagram or Twitter, you knew that we made sushi rolls yesterday. Scratch ‘we’ because my aunt did it herself. I just took the photos for this blog. And of course, EAT!!! Obviously, I have the biggest contribution. Hahaha! She made three different kinds of sushi rolls as captioned above. They taste really good with Kikkoman soy sauce! You could try making your own. Just visit YouTube for the recipe and procedures! So that’s it for now. I really have to pack my things. Toodles!!! Till next week!

P.S. I’m currently snacking sushi right now :p

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