Eyes Wide Open

I decided to pull a laid-back street style when we traveled to Milan. It was a little weird because it’s summer — it was very hot — yet I wore dark colors. Like really? Haha!



Top: H&M | Skirt: USSO | Shoes: PLATINO | Bracelet: TERRANOVA | Bag: GIRBAUD


 I’m the type of person who plans my outfit ahead of time so I wouldn’t take forever to dress up the following day. Actually, I was thinking of changing my whole look because (1) I was wearing a bodycon midi skirt, (2)  I cannot breathe, and (3) my baby fats are showing. Lol. Isn’t it annoying when you really want to wear something yet your tummy won’t cooperate? I cannot cover myself with a lot of layers now because it’s extremely hot. I swear the struggles are real!!! But I didn’t change my outfit because it complemented my mood that day. I was really sleepy because I was up so early. We have to catch the 7:00AM something train, and I have to sacrifice my good sleep. Besides, I could sleep in the train, and I did. Of course I took advantage of the long travel time. Sleep is gold to me! Anyway, we just got back home from our 4-day vacation and I’ve too much to blog/share about! :)

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