Gardaland Waterpark


My mom took that photo above! Cool!


Sun-kissed kiddos :)


That was me and my brother trying out one of the slides.


Now, that’s me and my cousin. I love the splash shot!


It was hotter in Milan than here in Bologna, but the weather wasn’t good earlier that day. Still, we pushed through the outing since it was already planned and we want to dip our feet in the water. Yihee! Good thing the sun came out by afternoon. It was a wonderful and relaxing day. Waterpark was uncrowded that day so my brother and I had a chance to use the slides nonstop. Ahhhhhh those roller coaster slides!!! Sorry, I still can’t get over. Waterpark is a wonderful oasis to spend a day. The place was also surrounded by white sand and palm trees. It makes me feel like I’m at the beach. Swimming is my favorite summer activity so I didn’t bother the sun kissing my skin. In fact, my brother and I sunbathed without sunblock on. Seriously. My mom forgot to buy sunscreen and my aunt forgot to bring hers. Haha. We don’t care though :p Watch our Waterpark adventure video below. Enjoy :)

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