Bergamo, Italy 2014

DSC_0825The MaaliwsDSC_0833DSC_0849DSC_0887DSC_0936DSC04349DSC04375DSC_0964DSC_0973DSC_0994DSC_1037DSC_1045DSC_1048Postcards from Bergamo, Italy. We never had a chance to see Bergamo’s city before, so this year, instead of going to Verona, we went to Bergamo instead. We went to Citta Alta, Bergamo’s old city and it was indeed magnificent! We took the funicular up to the high town. I love the view from above. I always love to see every city from above. Citta Alta is one of Italy’s hidden treasures. Once you begin walking through the streets of it, you’ll discover many beautiful things including the churches and chapels. We just walked going down and I cannot help but be impressed with its surroundings. I honestly didn’t expect that Bergamo is that beautiful. Btw, I just lost everything I’m supposed to say because my mom texted me and we are going to Verona tomorrow!!!!! Hooray to another adventure. For now, you may watch our Bergamo adventure below :)


2 thoughts on “Bergamo, Italy 2014

  1. I love Verona. Been there once. Don’t forget to stick a note on Juliet’s house. Everyone use chewing gums. Yay! enjoy the trip. Will love to see the video diary. xoxo

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