Verona, Italy 2014


Dad and mom’s love lock❤DSC_0134DSC_0145DSC_0149DSC_0153DSC_0156DSC_0157DSC_0158DSC_0166DSC_0180DSC_0181DSC_0201DSC_0214DSC_0215DSC_0216DSC_0230DSC_0281 When my mom texted me that we’re going to Verona, I felt really really excited. I thought our summer adventure’s over but it wasn’t. Who would not love to travel? I love travelling simply because I want to discover new things and learn different cultures. Verona is the city of love and romance and was known for the Romeo and Juliet love story. Everybody knows how tragic their love story was because of their feuding families. Nevertheless, Romeo and Juliet still fight for their love. And Juliet, on the other hand, committed suicide when she discovers that Romeo was dead beside her. Okay, enough with Literature. Haha. Writing a letter on Juliet’s wall has always been a part of my bucket list and I am very happy that I finally removed it from my bucket list. We’re so lucky the place wasn’t crowded that time. It’s just funny how I hate History class but like visiting historical places. Weird, eh? Lol. I am very thankful that I got to visit the city of love and romance with my first loves — my dad, my mom and my little brother. That’s the highlight of our Verona trip. I made a travel video again! Feel free to watch :)


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