Spotless Mind

“Change is inevitable. Why hold on to what you have to let go of?”

IMG_9443IMG_9471 IMG_9469

“I got so used to the changes
Moving from stranger to strangest
You should face it
I am crazy”

IMG_9470 IMG_9444IMG_9468

“Shame on me for changing
No, No, No,
Shame on you for staying the same”


“Maybe I’m just a wanderer”


It was just January like a few weeks ago, and now it’s September already. I’m trying to deal with all the backlogs I have while being distracted by Spotless Mind by Jhene Aiko, my current favorite song. Sometimes, we tend to overthink things because we fear failure and changes. But, for better or for worse, change is unavoidable. Dealing with it may not be easy, but there are ways to get used to it – accept the change, take it slow, and embrace it. Change is hard and worrying will only prolong the adjustment period. Instead of living in the past, we should just accept the reality and the fact that everything will no longer be the same. Take the process one step at a time. Day by day, try not to get wrapped up in sadness. Don’t panic and take time to breathe. That’s what we need to remember. We should stop analyzing things, and just let them happen. Of course, we get hurt, get lost, feel down & hopeless, and reality may be harsh, but I think it’s best to let all the little things go. Live the now! :)


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