A quick escape into some city vibes. I’ve been too caught up and pre-occupied with school works lately. My hectic schedule made me miss exploring the city. Plus a Kim Kardashian-inspired ootd made it more exciting.


Skirt / Top / Bag: BERSHKA

 I actually have this color-on-color syndrome, and it’s slowly becoming my winter-ender uniform. After two weeks of contradicting sleeping schedules between daytime agendas, I finally had a free time to lie down, be lazy, and blog. I can’t remember when was the last time I have actually worn a set. I have donned a charming matching crop top-and-skirt combo to channel a feminine style. To complete the look, I opted for a coltrane boots and a large handbag. My outfit was inspired by Kim Kardashian. We all know she always wears figure hugging pieces in nude or earth tones.

Anyway, it was actually cold when we shoot this, now I have colds. Yup, do it for the blog. Haha. Just kidding, I learned my lessons already!


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