Towns To Visit in Puglia, Italy in 3 Days

It’s never new that summer season is my favorite ever since and I always make it a point to get away as much as I can since I love chasing the sun. And who doesn’t love vacations? Puglia is one of Italy’s famous regions for its unique architectures, diverse landscapes, lovely beaches, crystal clear waters, hidden piazzas, and excellent foods as well. As a seafood lover, I never missed the chance to taste their local foods. Some towns in Puglia are part of my bucket list and I’m so glad that I finally ticked them off last summer.

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We took a bus from Bologna (our town) to Bari. I literally slept in Bologna and woke up in Bari, and it is stunning as ever. Imagine waking up to palm trees, gold & white ensembles with the sun kissing your skin. The place really smelled like summer, and I couldn’t be more excited. Bari is known to be the “California of South Italy,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Our hotel was in Bari as well, as it’s more accessible and convenient. To be honest, we haven’t had a chance to roam around the center of Bari since we don’t have enough time. But given a chance to go back, I’d like to visit the Bari old town.



Molfetta is a town in the province of Bari. I think this town is underrated and one of Puglia’s hidden gems. The city is known for its fishing and boat building. What I love about this town is that the houses and buildings are well-preserved.

“Bell towers, defensive towers and precious archaeological finds of Neolithic age are the treasure trove of Molfetta, a charming town by the sea.”



My favorite among the rest. Alberobello is known for its unique traditional Trulli (domes), made from stone. It looks like a fairy-tale village of hobbits or dwarves. Some stores offer a free panoramic view of the city from their terrace, while some require you to buy something first before you can get access to their terrace.

The town has inevitably a little overcrowded, so I recommend you to visit early in the morning. In fact, I will do that when I come back, so I can appreciate it more.



We didn’t plan to visit this town, but we tried to go on a side trip to this town and we ate our dinner at Osteria Perricci. The restaurant is bombarded with people, but I’m not complaining, their pastas and seafoods are so good.

What I loved the most about Monopoli is that the streets are illuminated with lights and it’s really refreshing to the eyes.



It is located on a deep gorge overlooking the Adriatic sea on a steep rocky cliff of karst nature. This place was too crowded during our visit. If you’re planning to visit this place, don’t visit during peak season or else you will find it too crowded like in the photo below.

Since we’re 13 in the group and we cannot seem to fit in the crowded place, we tried to find another place to stay and enjoy ourselves.


Some places that you might want to visit: OSTUNI, GALLIPOLI, VIESTE, BRINDISI, LECCE, and many more. Since I only spent 3 days in Puglia, I didn’t have a chance to visit these cities, but my friends did.

Summer in Southern Italy is like spending your summer in Cali, but in Italy. Everything’s cool and dreamy (at least for me lol); and I’m warning you there’s a lot of photo ops so better bring your cameras with you. And lastly, enjoy the moment.


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