Altered Tee

Summer brought out the creativity in me! It's a very hot season and it's time for some t-shirt alterations! Do you want to have new clothes without spending? Do some alterations! Top: JENNYFER | Shorts: LEVI'S | Shoes: NIKEĀ | Sunnies: FOREVER21 At some point in our lives, we get bored with our clothes and we … Continue reading Altered Tee

Just Do It

Nike + Jellies ensemble Top: JENNYFER | Pants: BERSHKA | Cap: TERRANOVA When I was in the Philippines, I rarely wore a pair of jeans because I'm not comfortable with it. But I started to appreciate the beauty of wearing a pair of jeans when I stepped here in Italy. I have no choice, the … Continue reading Just Do It

Feel Different

Never be afraid to be different, allow yourself to stand out! Top: JENNYFER | Skort: BERSHKA | Shoes: NIKE Opening this post with a positive introduction because I feel like inspiring people today. Honestly speaking, I don't get why it is a requirement to fit in the society so bad, and be like anyone else. … Continue reading Feel Different