Just Do It

Nike + Jellies ensemble Top: JENNYFER | Pants: BERSHKA | Cap: TERRANOVA When I was in the Philippines, I rarely wore a pair of jeans because I'm not comfortable with it. But I started to appreciate the beauty of wearing a pair of jeans when I stepped here in Italy. I have no choice, the … Continue reading Just Do It


Yup, I cut my hair AGAIN! Top: FOREVER21 | Bottom: TERRANOVA | Shoes: DR. MARTENS  Yup, I cut my hair short again. Last week has been so stressful for me (my face could tell), so I chopped off all the stress away. Yay! This will be my last haircut for now, I swear. Haha :p Anyway, … Continue reading Short

Black Soul

My multitasking game is too strong tonight. I'm currently packing for Milan while I'm blogging and downloading Indie songs. Top: TERRANOVA | Bottom: ZARA | Shoes: REEBOK | Outwear: BERSHKA | Watch: CASIO | Eyewear: RAY-BAN I will be travelling to Milan tomorrow by myself, and to tell you honestly, I'm a bit scared because … Continue reading Black Soul

Between Moods

"The sun is out and I'm feeling okay, I hope you had a real good day", singing the song again for I had a real good day! I'm loving the weather these past few days — windy but sunny. I could wear anything I want without layering too much! I wish the weather would stay this way … Continue reading Between Moods