Dangerous Kind

It's another beautiful day!!!But seriously, I am not feeling well but I'm still hyped! I was singing Tattooed On My Mind and suddenly thought of a post title. It was from the song's lyrics. Haha. Thinking of a post title is one of the most challenging part of blogging, I swear! I often use lyrics … Continue reading Dangerous Kind

24 Days of Style

After a month of having no decent outfit post, here I am to overfeed and share with you my outfits for the past 24 days and what kept me busy recently. Few days ago I have finished my 200 hours Supervisory Skills on-the-job training at The Red Crab Alimago House located in Resorts World Manila. … Continue reading 24 Days of Style

State Of Art

So you think you roar? Top: Chiffon Top from SG | Bottom: Leopard Leggings | Shoes: Lita Pumps from Parisian One perfect combination I know is matching a printed garment with a plain one. It is a usual get up because it doesn't really look over. I don't really wear much of the animal printed … Continue reading State Of Art