Out and About

(Photo from my instagram: @faebulouslyhot)

Yes! Finally, I took myself out today. Oh really, I missed the outside world! Despite of my busy schedule, I believe that I deserve a REAL rest day and a time to unwind & relax. And yes, I’m in Batangas. It feels good to be back home: eating whatever you want, burying yourself to sleep, making yourself fat, sitting all day, having unlimited internet connection, worrying about nothing but how to turn your boring day to productive one, spending your day talking to yourself & just complaining all day about having no summer life. I’d rather have a boring day at home than have a long busy but humdrum day at work. I want this practicum to end now. I’ll just share with you mu experiences after I finish my on-the-job training. I have survived a week, and hopefully could still survive the three remaining weeks! Yay! I can do this. Think positively! Go! Fight! Haha. Btw, I had my outfit post today. I will try to post it tuuuhhnaaayt! I still have to pack my things because I will go back to Manila again tomorrow. Geez! Sad :( So bye for now my loves. I’m very sorry for not being so active lately. I have to finish some school business.

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