2019, You Are Amazing!

Before I welcome another year, join me as I take a look back on my 2019. On the 1st of January 2019, I claimed that this year will be about taking chances, being spontaneous and enjoying the moment. I made it my life mantra and I'm glad that I really live life to the fullest … Continue reading 2019, You Are Amazing!

Wear Black Or Stay Naked

NOT LITERALLY THOUGH First post of Faebulous Story's new year!!! Of course, I was bored again. Boredom isn't new to me, it's actually normal to me and it's part of my daily life. My photos are just products of self-timer. Didn't thought I could have good photos without the help of my brother's photography skills. … Continue reading Wear Black Or Stay Naked

Autumn Leaves

I guess I'm falling in love with Autumn especially when the trees let the leaves fall. I always make random scenarios in my mind like the trees let go of the leaves and set them free so they can dance in the cozy weather and have fun. Ha! My mind is that playful, I make … Continue reading Autumn Leaves