If I Were A Boy

We all have items we love that just aren’t us. We can’t and won’t wear everything, but that doesn’t mean we cannot admire it! What would you wear if you wear another girl… or guy? —ifb

I’m always saying and thinking to myself that if I were a boy I’m probably one of the guys who has a skater sense of style. Tank top + colored jeans + russack bag + sneakers/combat boots + cap + outwear + skateboard = PARFAIT!

I will share you some ways to dress like a skater.

  1. Choose comfort. Being able to perform tricks means wearing practical, non-restrictive clothes that don’t need to remain in pristine condition. Expect twisting, tearing, fading, and possibly even blood.
  2. Wear flexible, flat-soled shoes with excellent grip. These will help keep you on the board.
  3. Keep it casual. Don’t spend a lot of money on shiny new accessories and brand-name items when an old t-shirt and a faded pair of jeans will get the job done. Remember, not trying too hard is a critical element of skater culture.
  4. Wear button-down checkered/flannel/gingham shirts. Especially with short sleeves, these are a great everyday alternative to band and logo tees.
  5. Wear either very loose- or very tight-fitting dark jeans. Modern punk skaters tend to wear tight jeans, but this hasn’t always been the case. Choose whichever is more comfortable for you; if you opt for tight jeans, make sure they have some elasticity in the fabric so that you can still do tricks.
  6. Wear baggy, knee-length shorts. Khaki shorts are a favorite.
  7. Avoid excessive jewelry. Few wrist bands are enough.






(Photos aren’t mine. Source: wikihow)

I am having my internship at Resorts World Manila and I seldom see guys with a skater style. I saw few and I was amazed with how they carried their clothes. I find it really really cool.

How about you? If you wear a guy, what style do you prefer to have?


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