24 Days of Style

After a month of having no decent outfit post, here I am to overfeed and share with you my outfits for the past 24 days and what kept me busy recently. Few days ago I have finished my 200 hours Supervisory Skills on-the-job training at The Red Crab Alimago House located in Resorts World Manila. That would be my last practicum for my entire college life! Horay! I can’t believe that I am a year closer to one of the most awaited and important days in my life, my graduation day. I can’t wait to finally say to myself that SCHOOL IS OVER! But… THERE IS ALWAYS A BUT. I’m sorry but I can’t share it with you for now. Anyway, that’s what I’m up to the past month. I have no unlimited internet that’s why I have never updated my blog regularly or at least weekly since I started my internship. Sad. Also, I have no photographer and that’s a big problem. But I promise to keep my blog up to date to the best of my ability. Wow! Haha.

We have no uniform in Red Crab since we (my two other block mates) are management trainees. We could wear everything we want as long as it’s decent and pleasant to the eyes. We are supposed to wear corporate attires but the manager allowed us to wear just smart casual outfits and so I took advantage of it. Lol. The most challenging part of having no uniform at work is the hottest and sizzling everyday question every girl is facing, “What am I gonna wear?”. I almost repeated everything in my closet. It’s obvious. But I tried not to repeat any single garment from all the clothes I brought to Manila. Good thing I survived! From laid-back to chic to girly retro to classic style. Enjoy browsing!


Top: Tropical Polo from Bestie‘s booth (BU4) | Bottom: Gray Slacks | Shoes: Black Flats from Meroma



Dress: Slim Fit Dress from USSO | Outwear: Blazer from my aunt | Shoes: Flats from Meroma



Dress: Retro Dress from USSO | Outwear: Blazer from my aunt | Shoes: Flats from Meroma



Top: Polo from H&M | Bottom: Black Slacks | Shoes: Oxford Heels from Primadonna



Top: Vintage Bat Wing | Bottom: Printed Bandage Skirt from USSO | Shoes: Flats by Solemate from SM



Dress: Corporate Dress from USSO | Accessory: Belt from Zara | Shoes: Oxford Heels from Primadonna



Dress: Slim Fit Dress from USSO | Outwear: Blazer from my aunt | Shoes: Flats from Meroma



Top: Checkered Polo from Betty | Bottom: Two-Buttoned Slacks | Shoes: Black flats from Meroma



Top: Sheer Top from Forever21 | Bottom: Pemplum Bandage Skirt from USSO | Shoes: Floral Wedges from Forever21



Top: Top from bazaar| Bottom: Floral Skirt from bazaar | Shoes: Black Flats from Meroma



Top: Top from SG | Bottom: Floral Skirt from USSO | Shoes: Flats by Solemate from SM



Dress: Abstract Dress from F&H | Outwear: Sheer Top from Forever21 | Shoes: Lita Pumps from Parisian



Dress: Checkered Dress from Rob | Accessory: Belt from Zara | Shoes: Black Flats from Meroma



Top: Deer Printed Top from bazaar | Bottom: High-waisted Vintage Trousers from my Grandma’s closet | Shoes: Lita Pumps from Parisian



Top: Top from bazaar | Bottom: Jeggings from Italy | Shoes: Black Flats from Meroma



Dress: Vintage Dress from my Grandma’s closet | Outwear: Cardigan from Betty | Flats: Flats by Solemate from SM



Top: Long Sleeves from Guess | Bottom: Bandage Skirt from Cotton On | Shoes: Black Flats from Meroma



Dress: Abstract Print Dress from Cotton On | Outwear: Blazer fom G&H | Shoes: Black Flats from Meroma


Dress: Dress by Shopaholic from SM | Shoes: Black Flats from Meroma



Top: Three Fourths from Zara| Bottom: Leopard Leggings from bazaar | Shoes: Black Flats from Meroma



Top: Floral Print Blouse by Candy from Rob | Bottom: Faded Jeans from Penshoppe | Shoes: Peach flats by Solemate from SM



Dress: Aztec Print Dress by Shopaholics! from SM | Outwear: Blazer | Shoes: Black Flats from Meroma



Dress: Floral Dress fom World Bazaar | Outwear: Blazser from G&H | Shoes: Black Flats from Meroma



Dress: Jumpsuit from SG | Outwear: Blazer from G&H | Shoes: Black Flats from Meroma


My brother and I shoot this for 3 days. It’s supposed to be a long day photo shoot but since the weather isn’t cooperating most of the time, we divided it to 3 batches. I have to change my clothes quickly because in any time, the rain could pour. Good thing we had a very smooth shoot. It was a success! How do you like it? Feel free to leave feedback! :)

11 thoughts on “24 Days of Style

  1. parang look book ng model. lovely outfits and shots. si Igi na photographer ni Z pag dumating here =) ate fae, ipunin mo fotos mo, pa print mo as book. cool

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