Merci Beaucoup

We went to the park yesterday and I’ve realized one thing that I should be thankful for. Actually, we have lots of things to be thankful for every single day from the moment we wake up until we fall asleep again. As we walked through the park, I’ve seen lots of Italian lying in the grass, sunbathing, burning their skin under the sun while I’m just here, effortlessly burned. Lol. My skin is naturally dark and I’m loving it. I really don’t want to be white, I’m contented with my skin color and I want it darker like Vanessa Hudgens or Beyonce. Beautiful!!! I’m in love! I should be thankful for it.


In many different cultures and countries around the world, skin color plays a huge role in the concept of beauty. Lighter skin is often preferable than darker skin. But did you ever noticed that beauty is not with your skin color? True beauty is with how confident you are in presenting yourself. People always think that when you’re white, you are better. NO! IT’S NOT WITH SKIN COLOR. It’s so disappointing to think that it probably matters in the society we live in, others might find you less attractive & that’s in general.

DSC_5589 DSC_5591

As time goes by, it seems like darker skin is also considered beautiful. We are all beautiful. Skin color doesn’t matter and it shouldn’t. Never lose your confidence over something like skin color issue or anything. People made fun of you because they’re jealous and insecure. Don’t feel like what you are right now is nothing. Enjoy the natural beauty that you have. You are lucky! And I’m so lucky that I’m naturally tan!


Top from FOREVER21 | Shorts from MINT | Shoes from SKECHERS | Sunglasses from RAYBAN


DSC_5598 DSC_5600

By the way, let me just tell you a short story! Hihi. I was facing back the road when a lady touched my hair from the back. I was shocked and so I smiled at her. She grabbed my hand and kissed it, then she said “bellisima” (it means beautiful in Italian). I’m so flattered and glad. My dad said that that’s how Italian show their adoration. So cute! :)

4 thoughts on “Merci Beaucoup

  1. Amen to your words =) After having my kids I haven’t taken sun anymore cause with my stretchmarks that I have also all over my legs I’d look like a zebra… I had to learn how to love and compliment my white skin.I think darker skin is absolutely beautiful and I don’t understand why should someone think otherwise.

    By the way, I live in Italy from 8 years now(I’m from Estonia) and old ladies love to compliment young girls but I would be creeped out if one of them would come to me from behind to touch my hair hehhhhee

    1. Oh hi Mammu! :) Thank you so much! Oh really you have kids already? Wow. I thought you’re just like my age or just a year older,seriously.
      Anyway, you are beautiful in your own little way. Being natural is even more beautiful.
      Oh! I’m just new here in Italy. I came last Sunday. Btw, thank you for being my regular reader. I’m so touched and flattered :”> God bless you & your babies.

      1. I’m 25 so I started early with kids :D I wish all the luck here in Italy and if you need someone for italian-related advice or just a chat you know where to find me ;)

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