Living Dead

Did you notice that I seldom post in my blog nowadays? This cozy weather is making me lazy to do anything. I can't even stand for a second. But because I love you my dear readers, I still make a point to update my blog at least once a week. It was a challenge for … Continue reading Living Dead


This is actually a very late post. We shoot these photos last summer and we're in Autumn season today (going to winter). And I'm a bit healthier last summer. Agree? Please do agree and support me! Haha. Top from ANTI-FLIRT | Leggings from TERRANOVA | Pumps from PARISIAN | Necklace from bazaar The color black … Continue reading Outlines

#BlogForACause: Read Before You Judge

Of course I will be judged, some might say that I'm very insensitive that I even had time to blog about my "kaartehan"  (as they say) while other people are suffering. I don't blog just because I want to but because I need to. My blog is a fashion blog and my readers, sponsors and blog partners … Continue reading #BlogForACause: Read Before You Judge

My Five Biggest Insecurities

I said brrr, it's cold in here! It's like the snow will fall in any time. What?! These days, I get irritated whenever I look in the mirror. I'm weird like that. I'm annoyed with my face & everything about me. Why on Earth am I feeling insecure about everything? I'm going to share with … Continue reading My Five Biggest Insecurities

Diet Mountain Dew

Inner Top from CALLIOPE | Outer Top from TSUMORI CHISATO | Jeans from PENSHOPPE | Shoes from LILLEY | Bag and Sunglasses from H&M | Jacket from BERSHKA | Scarf from TERRANOVA Yay! I finally got to see the sun again when I went out and I am very glad, but it's still cold outside. Hug weather I might say. It's weekend again, meaning no school for me! It was a typical … Continue reading Diet Mountain Dew