Fairytale Ending

It was my auntie’s birthday celebration last night and I filled my tummy with yummy foods again. Oh noes! Btw, Saturday is cheat day, okay? Hahaha. Diet freak! I hate myself for being so bipolar. Sometimes I hate food but most of the time I love them :p

But before that, we have an appointment to Apple Store. I tried to visit the Genius Bar because I’m having a problem with my on/off button and they replaced my iPhone. Apple is that amazing! And then I just dropped it my newly replaced iPhone just yesterday after being replaced. Lol. Forever phone careless! I wonder if I could return and let them replace it again. Haha. Abuse!


My outfit yesterday was a fairytale-boho-hippie inspired. It was just funny that everyone is staring at me because of my flower crown. An old man even asked me if I graduated. Haha. Here in Italy, graduates wear flower crowns. Not really flower crown, it’s more like laurel wreath? I don’t know the exact term.DSC_0617

Wearing a maxi skirt makes a woman tall but looks like it didn’t work to me. Why? It hurts! Lol.


Top from FOREVER21 | Vest from TRUE LOVE | Maxi Skirt and Sandals from bazaar | DIY Flower Crown


We always think that fairytale stories are just a product of make-believe, but who says you can’t create your own fairytale? It’s up to us! We write our own story. The more we believe, the more we could feel the ‘happily ever after’. Think about the wonderfulness of life. Think of happy thoughts and believe♥

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