Autumn Leaves

DSC_0687I guess I’m falling in love with Autumn especially when the trees let the leaves fall. I always make random scenarios in my mind like the trees let go of the leaves and set them free so they can dance in the cozy weather and have fun. Ha! My mind is that playful, I make weird stories about different things. Autumn just came and the leaves have changed to their fall colors. They are beautiful. I feel like my world is very colorful and happy. I am so in love<3

Leaves are like life. Sometimes can be up high in the sky or can be on the ground in pieces. Nobody has the perfect life. All of us have experienced success, all of us failed and fall. But falls are not the end but another beginning. At the right time, our own trees will grow new leaves — more beautiful and healthier. There is always hope. Be patient. Things will get better :)


As the weather changes, the style also changes. Goodbye summery dress, revealing tops, short shorts and summer outfits! I have never get dressed with three and up layers of outfit in my entire life. This OOTD is my very first Autumn-inspired outfit since it’s starting to be really cold. And I cannot take to wear a plain skirt as my bottom for the first time. Lol. Miracle!


Btw, among all my photos, that photo above was my favorite. Any guess why? :) Hm. Because I look thin in that photo. Haha. My cousin is teasing me “anorexic”!!! Hey! I am still not in the anorexia stage :p


I’ve never felt too cold ever since the cold days started. Am I normal? Haha. Just kidding! Of course I am. I’m just really hot. Hahaha. No, not what you’re thinking, I am literally hot :p


Top from AEROPOSTALE | Skirt from BERSHKA | Stockings from SM DEPARTMENT STORE | Shoes from TOMATO | Outwear from TERRANOVA DSC_0732

Have you had a great start of October? Enjoy the rest of the month! Enjoy Autumn!<3

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