When It’s Not Alright

When it’s not alright, when it’s not okay, will you try to make me feel better? -lyrics from Say OK by Vanessa Hudgens

Last week I’ve asked you all through a poll about which style would you like me to try — girly girl, classy, preppy casual or urban. Based on the results, the most number of percentage goes to *insert drum rolls here. lol* PREPPY CASUAL! Knitted sweater + skirt + sneakers wedges + sling bag. But since the weather is really not good today, I have to change my outfit plan. I’m so sad.


Kindly bear with my photos. My brother just took them using my iPhone and I forgot to wipe its camera so it looked low quality. I’m so sad. How may times do I have to say that I’m so sad today? Haha. Hoping the weather would cooperate the next time I will do my outfit post. I don’t feel good right now. Bad vibes are killing my good day.


I added a denim jacket, a scarf and a bonnet to my outfit. And also I’m wearing stockings. My mom will scold me if I don’t. Lol. You know, moms just always want the best for us.


Sweater from ONLY | Skirt from CHILL | Shoes from SKECHERS | Jacket from LOTTE | Bonnet from bazaar | Scarf from PASHMINA | Stockings from SM DEPT STORE



While writing on this blog post, I can’t help but get irritated with my photos. Haha. Just kidding. I promise I will make another outfit post with a preppy casual style as soon as the weather changes.IMG_0557

Btw, I love the sweater I’m wearing so much. It gives a warm and comfortable feeling. It’s very good and suitable for a cold weather. Didn’t have to worry about feeling cozy.


How was your day my loves? The weather is making me crazy for bed. Wanna hug my bed all day all night. Lol. I hope you had a good day :)

4 thoughts on “When It’s Not Alright

  1. I totally feel you. I wrote a post a few weeks back when things weren’t just working out. Like nothing – from personal stuff to my sandals totally not working with my outfit. Here it is: http://brandnamesus.com/2/post/2013/08/having-faith.html
    But you know, after I finished writing it I felt better. And your readers can relate to you a lot more when you are being real, about your good days and bad ones. So good job on pushing through the bad weather, the low quality pictures, even the wearing of the stockings lol. Hope there’s better weather heading your way ;)

    1. It looks good, though. You look great! I love your outfit especially your skirt :)
      It didn’t rain today. Thank God, it’s a relief! :D Hoping it’ll not rain tomorrow when I go to school :) Thank you, btw.

  2. The photos might not be the best but you look so cute as usual, I really love the skirt! *_* Btw I used to always sing that song! I wish Vanessa was still singing, she has way too gorgeous voice! xx

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