My Five Biggest Insecurities

I said brrr, it’s cold in here! It’s like the snow will fall in any time. What?! These days, I get irritated whenever I look in the mirror. I’m weird like that. I’m annoyed with my face & everything about me. Why on Earth am I feeling insecure about everything? I’m going to share with you today my top 5 biggest insecurities.


  1. My height. I’m just a 5’1 chic in my ugly shoes. Even though I already accepted the fact that I will never grow taller, I still feel depressed about it. Why don’t I have a beauty queen height? :(
  2. My bloated tummy. Everyone knows that I’m so lazy to workout. How did I got these tummy layers? I’m not even an impulsive eater. I really want a flat tummy :(
  3. Pimples & pimple marks. Thank God they’re all pimple marks now. Well, I still have few pimples but at least they’re fading little by little :)
  4. My short nails. Most of you don’t know this but I really have short nails & it’s ugly without nail polish. That’s the reason why I keep on growing my nails though it’s prohibited in my course. Also, I hate how weak they are.
  5. My nose. I have a flat nose. I’m not really conscious about it but yes, let me include it since I can’t think of anything already :p


Sweater from JENNYFER | Leggings from ALCOTT | Shoes from KICKS | DIY Floral Crown | Nail Polish from H&M


But let me just say that those insecurities made me love myself more (though it’s irritating sometimes :p). If I were given a chance to change anything about myself, I would change nothing. I’m contented & thankful. Let me just share with you what I love the most about my physical appearance. I love how balance my skin color is from head to toe. I’m a proud morena & I love it. I actually want my color to be a little darker. I love myself regardless of how short I am, how big my tummy is, how flawed I am, how short my nails are and how flat my nose is.

Anyway, physical features aren’t really important. Confidence is the key to being happy & contented with what you have and who you are. We are all beautiful in different ways, seriously speaking. I always believe that God never created an ugly creature :) Well, it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder because we have different standards. But always claim that you are beautiful, you really are, we really are :) Insecurities just throw monkey wrench into our lives. Never let your insecurities devour your fighting spirit. xx

14 thoughts on “My Five Biggest Insecurities

  1. I’m sorry that your feeling low lately, it must be in the weather cause I’m feeling more or less the same! I’m sure this feeling will pass by itself in a little time :) I wish I was shorter! I’m not too tall actually just my husband is shorter then medium :D but it really disturbs me when I put on heels and look like a big cavewoman beside him :D I always feel sooooo huge not just tall! I’m getting tired of my bloated tummy too, this lasts weeks I seem like 5months pregnant! I think short nails are cute and if you start pampering them they’ll be strong and growing before you know it ;) My 2 biggest insecurities are my stretch marks and my big-long-pointy nose :P I wish you a beautiful sunday!

    1. Maybe? The bipolar-ness of the weather is really contangious. I really hope so. Haha. Awww can you send your other height to me please? :( Hihi.
      OMG! I have read the “5 montsh pregnant” first. I thought you’re pregnant. Haha. But really that’s our major problem for always. But anyway, you’re beautiful, Mammu. I mean literally, I found you beautiful :) Have a beautiful Sunday, too!<3

      1. I’m 1.70 (5’7”) which is average for estonian girls and 1.80 (5’11”) for men but in Italy it’s 1.60 (5’3”) for women and 1.70 (5’7”) for men :P

  2. “We are all beautiful in different ways, seriously speaking.” This is so true. We all have insecurities, but I believe that all of us have a special something that makes us beautiful. By the way, the things you are listed are typical things one might feel insecure about, but also things that don’t bother anyone else but you. Just saying :) And you’re gorgeous.


    1. Yes, we do! We are all unique.
      I know right? Sometimes the problem is just within ourselves. I don’t know why we feel like this sometimes. But still, we need be confident with what we have. It’s a blessing :) And thank you, Anett<3

  3. Actually I think it is very brave that you are talking about your insecurities. It always makes us feel better afterwards. No matter what I eat or what I wear I always feel fat, and I have a tiny double chin that I hate, but I am learning to live with them, and although I think you are totally gorgeous, when I see girls that have insecurities (as me), I feel a little bit better, because that makes us more human :)

    1. We can’t really prevent ourselves from being insecure especially us girls. You know, because there are so many issues around us. Hihi. But yes you’re right, insecurities make us more human. Just be confident my dear. You are beautiful just the way you are

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