This is actually a very late post. We shoot these photos last summer and we’re in Autumn season today (going to winter). And I’m a bit healthier last summer. Agree? Please do agree and support me! Haha.


Top from ANTI-FLIRT | Leggings from TERRANOVA | Pumps from PARISIAN | Necklace from bazaar


The color black empowers mystery — hidden and secretive; white is the color of purity, cleanliness, innocence; and orange relates to warmth and happiness — very cheerful and energetic. Black and white is a great combination but adding a touch of orange is perfect. It’s always important to add a little contrast to your style for it to look more sophisticated. The ensemble showcases beauty, elegance and  a little luxe. WhatIWear is a fashion website which features lots of different styles from people around the world and let them stand in the spotlight. I am so grateful to be part of WhatIWear and it’s an honor to dare join the FUN! I was contacted by the community manager of the said site and was given a 21-day challenge! Who would not want to do it? :) I am very excited to finish the whole thing but for now, I have to calm down. Haha. #excitedproblems. So yes, after so long, I’m finally sharing with you what I’ve been excited for! #WIWC #Day1

4 thoughts on “Outlines

  1. I love this look and you look great here. I think it’s the first time I see you in a more “grown-up” and sophisticated outfit, it looks great on you =)

    1. Wow, really? Thank you Mammu! You know I’m so immature to think that I’m 19 already and soon will be saying goodbye to my teenage years. Uh-oh! But I’m glad you liked my outfit :)

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