Living Dead

Did you notice that I seldom post in my blog nowadays? This cozy weather is making me lazy to do anything. I can’t even stand for a second. But because I love you my dear readers, I still make a point to update my blog at least once a week. It was a challenge for me to pose for an outfit post because I am freezing. My hands were always cold, I’m like a living dead or a walking dead. Something like that. Lol.


Top, Bottom & Beanie from bazaar | Shoes from PLATINOUntitledUntitled

My outfit was actually a dope-inspired style. Graffiti background, late night shots, faded photo effect, beanie, and all the such. I am so in love with the whole idea. But of course, I won’t stick to that style alone. One thing I love about myself (pertaining to my styling skills, lol at the “skills” part) is that I could manage to make a smooth transition from one style to another. I confidently claim it! Haha. I believe that I am not really good at styling, I am just not afraid of expressing myself through it. I recently discovered and learned that from a showbiz icon. Confidence is always the secret formula to make the whole outfit look fabulous even when you are at your simplest. Don’t mind the people. Dress according to what you want, honey! Believe me, it feels great. Dressing up/Styling is a freedom of expression. Remember that! And DO NOT BE AFRAID! :)

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