A Good Comeback

My blog is no longer private! Yehey! I’m finally getting back to blogging since I’ll be doing nothing for more than a year. Try to imagine my life. I still can’t get over that I’m not graduating this April because I have to stop & prioritize the petition. Nevertheless, I’m glad that I’m here and I know I made the right decision. Well anyway, let’s not talk about it anymore. Let’s just talk about the two main reasons why I made my blog public again. First, just like what I’ve said earlier, nothing would keep me busy for more than a year so I’m gonna focus on blogging instead. Second, my brother upgraded his camera and he needs a model & I volunteer, lol.

I would like to dedicate this comeback post to my new baby, my ukulele♥ (which is actually not the one shown in the pictures because I returned the first one & exchanged it to another brand). This is my third instrument— next to guitar and keyboard piano. I believe that most of you already knew that I have a great interest on music and singing is my first love and forever will be. Speaking of music, I’ll be having some blog changes that includes putting a “Music” section (also food, travel & photography). Yes, my blog would not just be a fashion blog but my life blog instead. This is going to be exciting & I love it! Some sections are still under construction, kindly bear with that.


I changed the header, the theme, the sidebar, my blog icon, my signature & almost everything. I can’t wait to share my world to you my loves! For now, enjoy the new look of my blog. Enjoy scrolling. I hope you’re all doing great! :)

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