Blogiversary 2.0

Closer look of the icon Another year flew again. I can't believe I'm blowing another cake today because today is Faebulous Story's second anniversary. Most of you, my readers, knew that I stopped blogging and closed my blog for almost 5 months but I am very glad that you welcome me back wholeheartedly and warmly. I thought … Continue reading Blogiversary 2.0

A Good Comeback

My blog is no longer private! Yehey! I'm finally getting back to blogging since I'll be doing nothing for more than a year. Try to imagine my life. I still can't get over that I'm not graduating this April because I have to stop & prioritize the petition. Nevertheless, I'm glad that I'm here and … Continue reading A Good Comeback

Better Left Unsaid

Have you encountered a scenario wherein you're fully dressed and suddenly you changed your mind? I was in my leather pants & leopard top earlier when I suddenly changed my plan. I switched to a plain garterized flowy dress and a denim outwear and grabbed my wedges instead. I believe that today was the good … Continue reading Better Left Unsaid