Summer is all about changes, so am I! All of us experience getting bored with our looks sometimes, wanting something fresh and new. Are you bored with your appearance? It's time to try different styles and some fashion comeback! Top: H&M | Bottom: PULL & BEAR | Footwear: H&M Ever since I started attending my … Continue reading Ombré

Hair: Double Braided Headband

It's summer and of course we need to be a little playful when it comes to styling including our hair. I'm currently trying different hairstyles because my hair looks plain and boring. And I also want to explore new things. I don't really make much effort in fixing my hair so I guess some changes won't … Continue reading Hair: Double Braided Headband

Run On Love

I've been experimenting with different styles lately so I tried to wear a sophisticated outfit. I've been too hippie, too bohemian and too grunge these days, it's good to try a feminine look sometimes. Sophistication displays elegance and simplicity in one. Top: PROTOTYPE | Bottom & Eyewear: bazaar | Shoes: H&M I paired my skirt … Continue reading Run On Love

Forgot To Bring Your Pony Tail?

Isn't it irritating if you forgot to bring your pony tail especially when it's very very hot? It's very itchy & sticky! But don't worry! You can now tie your hair up without using a pony tail. Here's how to do it yourself. I prefer to do the side bun. Here's a closer look of … Continue reading Forgot To Bring Your Pony Tail?