Places to Visit in Verona Italy in 2 days

We all know that Shakespeare set his beautiful romantic play "Romeo & Juliet" in Verona. Isn't it amazing to visit the city of love with the one you love? With your own Romeo? Celebrated our 1st anniversary in the city of love. It's our first time traveling with nobody but us two, and it's very difficult … Continue reading Places to Visit in Verona Italy in 2 days

Verona, Italy 2014

Dad and mom's love lock❤ When my mom texted me that we're going to Verona, I felt really really excited. I thought our summer adventure's over but it wasn't. Who would not love to travel? I love travelling simply because I want to discover new things and learn different cultures. Verona is the city of … Continue reading Verona, Italy 2014

Gardaland 2014

A big smile from a happy kid! :D One of the perks of having a brother who loves photography is that you could have nice photos for your blog post, haha. Lucky me! Credits to my brother, he took all the photos. Hooray to my first Travel post *showers confetti*!!! When we're still planning about Gardaland, I … Continue reading Gardaland 2014