Venice, Italy 2014

Just picked random photos for my blog. I didn't take those photos, my dad and brother did. Thanks to them :p I'm rushing this travel diary blog post because I still have one post to publish, plus I need to pack my things since I will be leaving again tomorrow. Guess my blog would be a little … Continue reading Venice, Italy 2014

Dear Summer 2014

Summer 2013's photo diary Summertime = Vacation = Travel time  But we're not flying anywhere, or somewhere. We will just explore the other places here in Italy. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!! Sorry for the intense and numerous exclamation points. I. Am. Just. Excited. *insert very happy face here*. Last year's vacay was fun. For everybody's information, … Continue reading Dear Summer 2014

Gardaland 2014

A big smile from a happy kid! :D One of the perks of having a brother who loves photography is that you could have nice photos for your blog post, haha. Lucky me! Credits to my brother, he took all the photos. Hooray to my first Travel post *showers confetti*!!! When we're still planning about Gardaland, I … Continue reading Gardaland 2014