Sushi Date at Megumi

Just because sushi is cheaper than therapy.

Disclaimer: The first 4 photos of the place were grabbed from! The rest are mine.

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After a long time, I am posting another food-related blog for you. My beau took me out on International Women’s Day to take my stress away; of course, with food. If you are a regular reader, you probably knew how stressed I am with life in general. We don’t usually go out on a date like the typical couples because of our hectic schedules; we usually just roam around the city to check some boutiques wherein we often get nothing lol, or just stay home & cook/order some food. It was our first time visiting the place and it really dictates for the right Japanese culinary experience bringing style and pure authenticity. Just like in Japan, the restaurant provides Western style tables & chairs, and low traditional tables where you could sit on the floor (you may be asked which you prefer). We always wanted to try something new, so the night before that day, my man called up for a reservation in a privĂ© (private). The ambiance is very cozy, elegant and relaxing with its soft lighting; the foods were great and were prepared with care, especially the Ebiten sushi & tempura as well (I could tell because we ordered as much as we can). The servings weren’t really big, but you could order another plate, anyway. In terms of service, the staffs were friendly & hospitable. Seems like we found our new lunch hangout place. Overall, we weren’t disappointed at all. We enjoyed experiencing and eating like Japanese at Megumi.

If you’re a fan of Japanese foods, I recommend you to try Megumi. Visit their site for more info (


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