Places to Visit in Verona Italy in 2 days

We all know that Shakespeare set his beautiful romantic play “Romeo & Juliet” in Verona. Isn’t it amazing to visit the city of love with the one you love? With your own Romeo?

Celebrated our 1st anniversary in the city of love. It’s our first time traveling with nobody but us two, and it’s very difficult especially when taking travel photos. Imagine us carrying our things, a camera, and a tripod. We mastered the art of self timer since no one would take our photo. People were staring at us, actually. I think the photos turned out great though.

It was my second time visiting the city yet it still never failed to amuse me. It’s hard not to fall in love with the city. It’s simply beautiful and breathtaking. You could actually see so many places in just a day, but I suggest to stay at least over one night to see its beauty by night. Here are some of the places you could see in two days:

The city door of Palio (Porta Nuova)

From the station, we didn’t take the bus going to the center so we can really see Verona’s beauty, especially my beau because it’s his first time and he needed to experience that.

Portoni della Brà


Arena di Verona

We never had a chance to enter the coliseum because there are really a lot of people having their field trips with reservations and such; we don’t want to waste our time so maybe next time we could visit it again.


Piazza Brà

Music, locals, tourists, restaurants, everything all in one place. You could just roam around or sit on the bench, sip some granita. The view is very relaxing. I really felt like a tourist.

Verona Cathedral (Duomo di Verona)

It’s amazingly elaborated with artistic gems especially inside.

Ponte Pietra

It’s very nice to visit Ponte Pietra during the golden hour because you’ll encounter the beautiful sunset by the bridge.

Stairs to Castel San Pietro

The stairs going up to Castel San Pietro must be tiring but it’s definitely worth it after all.


Piazzale Castel San Pietro

Situated on a hill overlooking the city center, it is one of the most beautiful views in Verona. I’ve seen the view of the city from up there, but I have never seen its beauty at night. We patiently waited for the sun to sleep and for the lights of the whole city to shine. I’m in love!!! I seriously never wanted to leave.

Porta Borsari

The remains of the Ancient Roman gate decades ago, which once marked the southern entrance into Verona. It’s really great and beautiful to see ancient ruins layered into the modern city of Verona.

Via Mazzini

All the shopping lovers out there, I present to you the shopping street of Verona where you can find many brands in the world of clothing, shoes, accessories, and etc.!

Juliet’s House (Casa di Giulietta)

I can hear Juliet saying “Romeo, Romeo, where art thou, my Romeo?”

Juliet’s lock wall

How can I forget the lock wall? People, especially lovers, basically write their names on a padlock and just lock it in the wall.


I actually planned to visit the place on our exact anniversary, so we could lock our love. *cheesy & corny at the same time, lol* and then threw it in the river in Castelvecchio.

Juliet’s wall

And who doesn’t want to write a letter on Juliet’s wall? Of course, I never want to miss the tradition. I wrote a letter again for the second time. I brought out the hidden poet and writer in me!



The red-bricked Castelvecchio has an adjoining bridge over the river. If you walk over the bridge, you could see some fantastic views of the castle and the river as well.


Torre dei Lamberti

If you want to see a wonderful view of the city on a clear day, you can go up to the Lamberti Tower. You can take a lift if you want to, but if you have the energy to go up, you can take the stairs anyway.

Streets of Verona


Piazza delle Erbe

During the day, you can find all sorts of souvenirs, macedonia, herbs and etc in the marketplace. In the night, it’s filled with locals and tourist enjoying their night life.

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