15 Things Every Girl Should Have In Her Closet

Every girl has their own relationship with clothing, depending on their fashion sense and tastes. We do have different "must haves", but I am pretty sure that most of us fall under one question, "what will I wear?". I provided a list of essential wardrobe items for a stylish closet that could somehow help me … Continue reading 15 Things Every Girl Should Have In Her Closet

How to be Happy

Happiness, for me, is being contented and completely satisfied with your life. It is the most cherished yet elusive of all human desires. We all have different definitions of happiness, btw. The key to finding happiness is appreciating what you have. How could something so natural as happiness be so hard to find? How could … Continue reading How to be Happy

Dark Paradise

Have you every drown in your own thoughts? Have you ever felt like you are in a dark paradise? Nobody is with you. It's just you in a place full of darkness. You want to escape but you cannot see anything. You heard screams and loud cries. You don't know where to go. Everything's a … Continue reading Dark Paradise