Well Preserved Reminders

Last month when we were in Milan I had my very first real photo shoot. Well, it has a purpose. We just came from a trip in Minitalia when I had my photo shoot. Really last minute ’cause we really have limited time and we had trip schedules. (If you were one of my followers in IG, you knew about this whole thing). But it went very good. It was really nice working with Mr. Frei Ilag, my aunt’s friend.

Anyway, I grabbed some photos (I’ll show you all the photos when I got the copy) from his account, added some filter and a quote in every photo. The quotes are somehow a reminder for me whenever I feel upset or something; whenever I feel like giving up on achieving my goals and dreams. I mean you cannot avoid it. Sometimes I just stare at own photo and think about nothing and just breathe.

I know I can do anything, if I really want to. It’s a matter of confidence and perseverance and perspective in life. It’s about grasping. My dream seemed so close that I could hardly fail to grasp it. But at least I tried so hard to chase it.


I believe that someday I could be where I want to be. Someday it will become real.


Now I know that I will be facing big challenges and hardships but the quote below says that “Stars can’t shine without darkness”. Amen to that! You cannot get anything without you experiencing challenges. Once you find your way out, it will be a success.


Everyday is an opportunity to chase your dreams, to make a small step. Big steps start from small steps. Never lose hope!


And you will feel great after all. It’s worth it. Everything’s worth it. Trust me! Just don’t give up, NEVER! Come on, sweetie. Dream big! It won’t cost you anything. Appreciate every steps you make!


Things will get better if you would allow it :) Happy weekend!

P.S. I know I’m fat but I’m on a diet so… Hahaha. Defensive much!


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