All Fired Up

There are so many diet programs and plans to lose weight and shed belly fats but it takes time to see the results. I know most of us just wanted to hide our bulging tummies. But don’t you know that there are fashion tricks that can help you hide your tummy? I wore something loose and printed today. You know what I love the most about printed dresses? It can magically hide my tummy. Amazing!


Dress from SOUL LIFESTYLE | Shoes from PRIMADONNA | Sunnies from TERRANOVA


Today is a family day and we went out for lunch. We ate at BK and I was surprised when I added my meal to my calorie diary — an app called myfitnesspal (yes, I am that calorie freak). Btw, guess how many calories did I ate just for lunch? It’s 1,428 cal and I am only allowed to eat 1,200 cal per day based on my goal. How bad is that? A 700 cal whoper, 340 cal fries, 240 cal chicken strips and a regular sprite with 148 cal. And I still have to eat my dinner. Today is really a cheat day! I am on an extreme diet for a week now, I lost 2 kilos already and boom, I am so dead! Anyway, do I look I lost two kilos? Haha. I can refrain from eating a lot but I think I also need to workout/exercise. But how can I motivate myself to do it everyday? I am such a lazy kid. I guess I will just stick to fashion tricks. Haha. Just kidding. Can somebody please help me motivate myself? Any tips? :)

5 thoughts on “All Fired Up

  1. You could follow fitness and health blogs on tumblr and tips on pinterest. Some people are little extreme on tumblr and instead of inspiring people to be healthy they promote unhealthy body image but there are a lot of great motivation quotes, pictures, heathy food pic,tures that make you crave only the healthy food! I haven’t been to tumblr since I got hooked with pinterest but you should give it a try =) xxx

      1. I know what you mean. I managed to work out every day for a month and another mont few days a week and then…..I stopped. I started losing kg and then I just got lazy :/ It’s just in m,y personality that I cannot force myself to do some,thing if I don’t want to even if I know and understand that it’s good for me! It makes me so angry I wanna punch myself :D

      2. Gosh! I feel the same. Haha. And then when I look at my old photos and see my old body, I just wanna cry. It’s just so depressing to think that I can’t bring it back because of my workout inconsistency. Haha.

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