I’ve been LSS to Clarity by Zedd since Sunday. My beau’s cousin and sister requested for a cover and until now, the lyrics are still on my mind. I’ve been listening to it over and over and singing it a hundred of times. I just wanted to share with you my sympathy.. I’m feeling sad because I can no longer sing as well as before. I stopped singing regularly for almost two years and thinking of it makes me depressed. I will try to practice everyday. Ahhh.. Okay, I will cut the drama. AGAIN! Haha.

It was my second day of class today! I survived again!!! The lessons are clearer unlike the first meeting. I would like to congratulate myself for understanding the whole Italian lesson well and easier. Lol. Guess my song of the week and my feelings today seemed to match! Clarity is it! :)


I wore something decent today. Have you read my previous post? In which category did my outfit fell today? :) Smart casual? Agree? :) Btw, can’t believe I look fat in the photos where in fact I lost two kilos already :( Why do I have to be so conscious?


Top from FOREVER21 | Leggings from bazaar | Shoes from MEROMA | Bag from ARMANI JEANS


After school, we went home directly. All in all, my day was good. Another normal day. Here’s my cover of Clarity, if you want to listen :)

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