Better Left Unsaid

Have you encountered a scenario wherein you’re fully dressed and suddenly you changed your mind? I was in my leather pants & leopard top earlier when I suddenly changed my plan. I switched to a plain garterized flowy dress and a denim outwear and grabbed my wedges instead. I believe that today was the good time to wear heels. My love for heels hasn’t and won’t ever stop. I took advantage of the good weather. The temperature suddenly rise to 21 degrees. Who wouldn’t be happy about that? We’re still in the Autumn season but sometimes it feels like it’s Winter already.


Dress from bazaar | Denim Jacket from TERRANOVA | Wedges from FOREVER21


Clutch from RAGS2RICHES BY RAJO LAUREL | Bracelet from FOREVER21 


My brother said my outfit looks like I’m attending a beach wedding. What?! Haha. I agreed, btw. But the denim jacket cracked the whole beach wedding thingy :p Am I right? Please say yes. Lol. I just love the feminine, trendy and urban ensemble.DSC_0385


Did you know the song Better Left Unsaid by Ariana Grande? I’ve been listening to it since forever. “And I swore that I would never say. I miss you more every day but some things are better left unsaid, are better left unsaid, said, said”, my favorite line. That’s exactly how I am feeling right now. Some things are better left unsaid. I mean it! Hahaha. Oh noes, emotional much! Just don’t mind my drama, guys. I’m all good, anwyay :)

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