Pretty Death

I’ve been desiring to have an indie inspired shoot for so long — vintage effect, night life, YOLO-ish poses. But let us all admit that I failed to do it gratifyingly. Lol. It was my first time to shoot for outfit post outside the house during night time so it was an achievement. Achievement by my brother who’d set the settings well. If you would not ask, he finds it hard to set his cam during night times.


Dress from MAX & CO. | Shoes from FLYFOR


They said that Y.O.L.O. is not about drinking, partying, night life and such. And yes I agree but for me, it’s not JUST about it. We have different opinions about the Y.O.L.O. thing. In general, Y.O.L.O. is about enjoying your life. It’s about making the most of it according to what you want to do, how do you want to live your life and how would you enjoy it. We are all different. For some, Y.O.L.O. is just an excuse if you did something morally unacceptable but as I’ve said earlier, we have different opinions about it so let’s just love our own lives to the fullest!!!


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