Food: 7-Day Corn Flakes Diet

I swear, it's very very hard to think of different diet-friendly cornflakes recipe every single day. I have a lot of recipes on my mind but they aren't allowed, they're all for desserts. Oh how I missed chocolates! I want to have different recipes per meal but I just can't think of anything. I ended … Continue reading Food: 7-Day Corn Flakes Diet

Food: 7-Day Salad Diet

I started my Salad Diet challenge last May 12. I'm so happy to tell you that I survived! It's actually harder than I thought. It's hard to resist food temptations but I challenged myself so I have to comply. But one thing I love the most about this challenge is that I had a chance … Continue reading Food: 7-Day Salad Diet

Food: Hot Dog With A Twist

Most of you don't know that I love to experiment with food and my brother finds most of my experiments weird. I cry. Haha. Kidding! I find them weird too, sometimes. Lol. I love experimenting! You better get used to my weird inventions. Omg, did I just tell you that? Only my brother knew how weird I … Continue reading Food: Hot Dog With A Twist

Food: Vanilla Cupcake

Welcome to my first ever food post! This is not the typical food blog post wherein the blogger gives the recipe — because I just copied the whole procedure from the internet :p Let me just feed you with photos. My photography skills are improving actually. Loljk. The camera is just good. Okay, here you go! … Continue reading Food: Vanilla Cupcake