Rimini Torre Pedrera

I finally got the rest that I wanted for so long! Sharing with you some photos that I took during our trip to Rimini Torre Pedrera. Since school really stressed me out, I've always been wishing for everything to be over already so I can finally free up my mind and just relax. Now that … Continue reading Rimini Torre Pedrera

Unplanned Road Trip to Rimini

Life's best moments usually happen unplanned. I just finished my final exam with lack of sleep & puffy eyes today. To celebrate, I'm updating my blog! So the actual reason why I lack rest and sleep is because of the unplanned road trip last Saturday, or should I say Sunday midnight. I have no plan on going … Continue reading Unplanned Road Trip to Rimini

Places to Visit in Verona Italy in 2 days

We all know that Shakespeare set his beautiful romantic play "Romeo & Juliet" in Verona. Isn't it amazing to visit the city of love with the one you love? With your own Romeo? Celebrated our 1st anniversary in the city of love. It's our first time traveling with nobody but us two, and it's very difficult … Continue reading Places to Visit in Verona Italy in 2 days

How to Make the Most of the Last Few Days of Summer

It's really sad to say that summer's ending soon, and school (or work) is fast approaching. I believe some of you are still on vacation — trying to make the most of the remaining weeks/days of summer; while some are bored at home. My tip? Stand up, go out and make the most of summer. There's a … Continue reading How to Make the Most of the Last Few Days of Summer