Bed Weather

It is really a challenge for me to think of what I am going to wear to school during wash days. In our school, we can’t wear whatever we want to. There are rules and regulations when it comes to dressing, unlike in UP that you can go in and out of the campus with any kind of clothes you are wearing. It was my first time after a long time to have a Saturday class due to Economics make-up class. I hate it when we are obligated to go to school during our free day. I hate it when I am in the middle of a good sleep and suddenly my phone will alarm. Worst feeling ever! But what else could we do?

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Style Files: Fae Maaliw on Candy Magazine

My friend, Anne, posted something on my facebook wall, and I found out that it’s about me being featured to CandyMag. I haven’t checked the site for so long and I have no idea that I will be featured in Style Files.


I visited and checked CandyMag immediately and I feel hoity-toity when I saw my photo labeled as the “IT Girl of the Week”. Like OMG! Are you serious? Me? IT Girl? I just died.


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Spotted myself at Manila Streetstyle

It’s been too long that I haven’t checked their site (

I always stalk their site to see the latest trends and such. I tried visiting it again today and surprisingly saw myself featured on the MyStyle section (see here)♥

Anyway, my simple and usual get up: dress plus oxfords
Hope you like my get up! Spread love.