Spotted myself at Manila Streetstyle

It’s been too long that I haven’t checked their site (http://www.manilastreetstyle.com/).

I always stalk their site to see the latest trends and such. I tried visiting it again today and surprisingly saw myself featured on the MyStyle section (see here)♥

Anyway, my simple and usual get up: dress plus oxfords
Hope you like my get up! Spread love.



Every summer has a story

Summer is the season I’ve been waiting for. Goodbye school, hello summer! Finally, I can get rid of school uniform and wear my own uniform, my own style, my own outfits. Going to the beach is a great way to start a happy summer. Enjoying the sand and the ocean breeze, laughing so hard with friends, playing under the sun and having those cute tan lines. Summer is short so better take advantage of it. Go out and party! Go out and enjoy the most of it!

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Do It Yourself, Babe

Outing day.

I know I don’t have good photos today. But for the sake of updating my Lookbook, I tried my very best to have few. I am definitely not a camwhore today, which is very unusual or shall I say this is the first time. Anyway, here’s the haggard looks of me. Bear with my fugly face, please.

Top: DIY Shredded Shirt (I made that one earlier before the outing)
Bottom: DIY shorts (Mom’s old pants)

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