Dark Paradise

Have you every drown in your own thoughts? Have you ever felt like you are in a dark paradise? Nobody is with you. It’s just you in a place full of darkness. You want to escape but you cannot see anything. You heard screams and loud cries. You don’t know where to go. Everything’s a blur and dark. Loud noises won’t leave your head. And then you start screaming. Screaming something you, yourself, can’t seem to understand.


You closed your eyes and then opened it again but still you see no brightness. You are worried. You froze like an erotic marble statue. You start crying and screaming really hard. You are losing yourself. You feel thirsty and hungry; you hurt yourself and eat your own flesh.


Dress from MAX & CO.


Your soul is haunting yourself, telling you that everything is fine. But you just wish to be dead. You cannot take things anymore and you start hurting yourself for no reason. You are drowning. Someone grabbed you but you see nobody but still darkness.


You are afraid you cannot find your way out. You closed your eyes again. Suddenly you took a deep breath. And then you slowly opened your eyes and you see brightness.

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