This Isn’t Happiness

Happiness isn’t about getting all what you want, it’s about loving what you have right now.

I’ve been writing too much about happiness lately. Maybe because choosing happiness made a great impact in my life. It sure did! I do whatever it takes to make today a good memory and a great source of happiness.  In connection with that, the priest who held the mass earlier said “HAPPINESS IS NOW”. We don’t need to wait for the future to find happiness, we may achieve happiness now.


Not contented? This isn’t happiness. Living with lots of insecurities? This isn’t happiness. Thinking you’re not the best? This isn’t happiness. Stressing yourself? This isn’t happiness. Feeling less? This isn’t happiness.

Obviously, those are not a product of happiness. To achieve happiness we should be contented and grateful on what we have. Don’t ask for too much because simple things could really make you happy — you are not just open for it or you were blinded by the fact that you are seeking for more. The most simple things can bring the most happiness. The lesser we don’t appreciate simple joys, the lesser we achieve true happiness. Be happy!


Top (hand-me-down) from my aunt | Skirt from Lotus | Shoes from Liza-w

Going to another side of the story… Today I wore a camouflage for the first time. Sometimes we think it’s impossible for an old trend to make a comeback but camo introduced itself again! It made its way back to the fashion industry. I balanced the camouflage print with a skirt and wedges to add a feminine touch since the trend is a little grunge and masculine.

DSC_0476Do I made the right decision on my outfit? :)

4 thoughts on “This Isn’t Happiness

  1. Your outfit looks very cute and true words! I try to remeber this to myself every day. I had a fallback just yesterday after doing so good for some time. I just start to think of all the things I could’ve and should’ve done but didn’t cause I’m such a stubborn idiot sometimes :D I’ll try to keep my eyes on the road; your words came in the right moment! Thank you and have a beautiful week!

    I don’t know if you’ve mentioned but now that you are in Italy what about school? Do you homeschool until you learn italian or what’s the plan? :)

    1. Sometimes we can’t prevent thinking too much but as time goes by we will realize that there are so much to be thankful for :)

      Uhm I’ll study Italian laguage. My dad is still looking for a school. Then probably after 2 years, when I got my papers & renew already, I will go back to the Philippines and finish college since (if you’ve read my post before) it’s my last year in college :)

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