Collection 101: SUNNIES

I really love collecting adorbs! Can you tell? :p I have lots of collections and one of those are sunglasses. I still have lots in the Philippines.  I just have my favorites with me and the rest were left in the Philippines since I don't have much luggage space. Sad. But anyway, what's your relationship … Continue reading Collection 101: SUNNIES

Viva Firenze!

We explored the beauty of Firenze today (a.k.a. Florence). I want to share some photos with you but I'm thinking of summarizing everything in one post after our long vacation. I think I really should combine all our journey in one. Anyway, going back to the main subject... Florence is one of the top five … Continue reading Viva Firenze!

Bummer In The Summer

Summer had been my favorite season for so many years. I mean, summer IS my favorite season, but this year I couldn't say that I LOVE SUMMER because I have a bummer summer! I have no summer life (and worse, no social life).  Dress: Floral Dress from BAZAAR | Outwear: Crocheted Top from TRENDZ | … Continue reading Bummer In The Summer

Life Is Short, Wear Tropical Shirt

Top: Tropical Shirt from Bestie Konisis booth | Bottom: Tattered Denim Shorts from Bazaar | Shoes: Oxfords from Forever21 | Eye wear: Clubmaster from RayBan | Jewelry: Mustache Ring, Flexible Bracelet | Bag: Sling bag from Genevieve Gozum (a gift from my cousin) I am not a fan of long sleeves until I found that … Continue reading Life Is Short, Wear Tropical Shirt